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I have loved this magazine for years, and it only gets better and better. Thank you, especially, for your teamwork with Debbie Neece and The Bartlesville Area History Museum. Your magazine is, simply, Fantastic!

- Crystal Sare, Johnstone-Sare Building

Top-notch stores, top-notch photos, and top-notch people of [bmonthly], Keith and Christy McPhail. They remind us that we are very much interconnected in a lot [of] ways. Many of the well-written articles in the Bartlesville Monthly are not only timely but our own stories we can relate to. Full of courage, losses, and successes. So many times I started to read the [bmonthly] stories and..... I was not able to put it down!!

- Frank Molina, Media Room - Video & Film Transfers

Amazing Bartlesville Monthly Magazine! A must-read for all residents and anyone wanting to be in the "know" of what's happening in the Ville! The calendar and articles are so informative...if you own a business or you are in charge of your marketing budget at your organization, this magazine is a MUST!

- Tonya Foreman

With its in-depth articles, wonderful photos and detailed information, it is Bartlesville's magazine!

- Jeff Hall

I have always enjoyed reading this magazine, even before I was asked to be one of the writers. I love working with Keith and Christy. Being a local historian, I love all the stories telling about our history.

- Kay Little

Incredible, true-life stories about our special town and its history and the people who have contributed in making Bartlesville the best place to call home.

- Stephanie Skurcenski


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